Adska Skyborne

A Revyatel Dancer. Seeks the Red Moon Queen to restore her friend.


CG Female Revyatel Dancer 4
STR14 DEX18 CON13; INT13 WIS12 CHA20
HP: 25 fort+2, ref+8, will+5
BAB+3, CMB+5, CMD 20
AC 22 ( 3 armor, 5 charisma, 4 dex) touch 19, flat footed 18
DR3/- (2 armor, 1 class); Resist Fire 5, Sonic 3
::Attacks: Bladed Scarf+6 melee (1d8+4 slashing 19-20/x2), Claw+8 melee (1d6+5 slashing 20/x2)
::Feats: (2+1 bonus)
::Skills: (6+INT x4)
::Performances: [School Mastery: Zephyr’s Step 1]
Rounds per day = 19
-Catstep; Bounding Leap, Cat Claws, Parry, Two-Step
-Foxbird [!]; Chicken’s Bane, Flash Step, Flutter, Scream, Terror Call
-Passion’s Inferno [!]; Burning Lash, Flash Step, Rolling Flame, Steal Heart, Sun’s Light
-Revitalizing Concerto 1; Comforting Climax, Fortissimo Horn, Piano Breeze, Piccolo Chirp
Noir Finale, Roco Finale, Tiro Finale
$$Gear: Striker’s Armor (Blade), MW Bladed Scarf, Healing Belt, Dancer’s Bells, 3 days rations (human), 1 regencrystal, Olinn’s necklace


Adska Skyborne

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